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 The treatment of sleep disorders depends on the detected disorder. It is not uncommon that stress-related sleep disorders and sleep-related breathing disorders are present simultaneously. Likewise, respiratory diseases of the bronchi and upper respiratory tract are associated with sleep apnea. In children with sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils often play a role. Here is one of the few situations where surgical intervention may be considered.  

In simpler cases, sleep-related breathing disorders can be treated with positional training and orthodontic splints. For this we recommend such auxiliaries and cooperate with professional dentists. In severe cases, positive pressure breathing therapy is required, which in most cases we can administer at home with the patient. The consequences of non-restorative sleep are complex and in our practice included as much as possible in the therapy. These adress weight gain and gastro-oesophageal reflux as well as immunodefensive weakness.  

Nocturnal leg rest (restless legs or periodic leg movements) can be a significant sleep-disturbing factor and can be treated with medication. In mild cases, acupuncture can help with this and the remedy of further sleep disorders. With laboratory chemistry, risk factors can be determined and treated in a targeted manner.

  Recommendations for lifestyle will be explained during the consultation to discuss our findings.