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Traditional Chinese Medicine

In the course of the Chinese revolution of the 20th century, a state-sponsored variant of classical Chinese medicine was developed under the influence of the ideology of historical materialism in order to economically secure the medical care of the population. The great treasure of Chinese herbal medicine was preserved in this way. The acupuncture was submitted to a scientific evaluation and the traditional concepts were adapted to Western medicine and the principles of herbal medicine. The combination of herbal medicine and modern acupuncture has come to the West under the name "Traditional Chinese Medicine". However, classical Chinese medicine originally had nothing to do with herbal medicine. Since the end of the eighties there has been a tendency in China and some other countries to work up the classical roots of acupuncture. Noteworthy, for example, the Shen acupuncture as it was developed in Israel by Yair Maimon. Psychosomatic aspects are back in the foreground. This method is also used in our practice.

Chinese herbs are prescribed in our practice only to a limited extent. Instead, herbal and homeopathic remedies are used, which are available in every pharmacy.