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Complementary Medicine

Methods of complementary medicine include diagnostic  and therapeutic methods which have traditionally been proven in medical practice and complement the conventional medicine meaningful. Where conventional medicine reaches its limits because of unacceptable side effects or lack of effectiveness, complementary healing methods can be an alternative. In this sense, a selection of complementary healing methods is offered in our practice. Especially in lung medicine, there are many proven methods.

  A holistic medicine should be free of traditional jugements against alternative or conventional medicine. Our concept is to apply the adequat method from both worlds as individually as possible. It is important to respect the individual fate of the patient and his own responsibility.

Medicine only becomes medicine through the combination of science and art. Science as a tool of knowledge, art as the ability of correct perception, adequate decision and proper action. The correct use of hands can also be described as art. This applies, for example, to acupuncture and the use of injections.

The forms of complementary medicine cover a broad spectrum and are not easy to reconcile therefore. However, there are certain principles about which there is a broad consensus among naturopathic practitioners.

 Often, just a stimulus is set that activates self-healing powers. Equally important is the restoration of a healthy life rhythm and the adoption of healthy habits. It is often not only the specific illness that is treated, but the general condition, which has a great influence on overcoming acute and chronic suffering. In the case of diseases such as asthma, allergies and COPD, there are often background effects such as nutrient deficiencies, poor digestion, a sensitive nervous system or a weak detoxification ability. What makes us all sick is the stress. Skills of stress management promote good health.

In the aftermath of stress, the complementary healing methods provide a certain amount of building work. Even a severely weakened immune system can be rebuilt. The need for medication can often be sustainably reduced with the additional use of complementary healing methods.

The methods mentioned on this website have been adopted by experienced naturopaths and have proven as utile by own application. These procedures are available for our patients. What makes sense for the individual, however, is determined only in a medical consultation.