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Pulmonary function (body plethysmography, spirometry, single-breath diffusion, respiratory muscle strength P01)

Outpatient sleep laboratory (polysomnography, polygraphy, nasal respiratory therapy nCPAP, nAuto-CPAP, nBPAP, Restless Legs analysis))

Allergy Laboratory

Long-term blood pressure and ECG

Heart rate variability (stress diagnostics)

Long-term pulse oximetry (bloodless measurement of serum saturation)

Spiroergometry (including exercise ECG)

Laser Acupuncture

Infrared moxibustion

Cupping therapy

Audiocolor and matrix regulation therapy (color and magnetic field therapy)

Vegatest (electroacupuncture test procedure)

Infusion Therapy

Laboratory: Nitric Oxide in Exhaled Air (NIOX), Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant Capacity, Specific IgE Antibodies to Inhalant Allergens and Foods (Allergy Laboratory Euroimmun), Emergency Laboratory SOB Panel (Shortness of Breath: CK-MB, D-Dimers, Myoglobin, BNP, troponin). Connection to laboratory community for further diagnostics.

Spenglersan test (medicament agglutination test)

Oxyvenation according to Regelsberger (therapy with intravenous oxygen)

Arterial blood gases including hemoglobin derivatives (co-oximetry)