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Dr. med. Volker Brauner

Dr. med. Volker Brauner

Professional Career

After completing studies in human medicine in Berlin and in Freiburg i.Br. in 1985, Dr. med. Brauner went into further training in Switzerland, where amongst other placements he worked in the high mountain clinic in Davos-Wolfgang, the cantonal hospital of Basel and the pulmonary specialist clinic in Barmelweid. He spent a year as a postdoc in preclinical research in the field of cardiovascular and pneumological pharmacology at Sandoz AG in Basel. He obtained his medical doctorate from the University Children's Hospital Freiburg i.Br. on the subject of hemolytic uremic syndrome. Before and during his studies he also completed education and activity in nursing.


Prior to his establishment in private practice in 1998 he was chief physician of a pneumological rehabilitation clinic in Bad Soden am Taunus. In addition to the clinic management, he held the position of deputy head of the first sleep laboratory in the Rhine-Main area, from which the sleep-medical focus of today's practice developed. The acquisition of a second specialist title as a physician for physical and rehabilitative medicine resulted from many years of experience in rehabilitation medicine. Dr. Brauner also holds additional qualifications in allergen and environmental medicine.


He had already studied acupuncture and naturopathy as a student in courses of the German Medical Society for Acupuncture and the Naturopathic Societies in Freudenstadt and Baden-Baden. After this specialist training, he has taken up the thread again and continues to educate himself regularly in these areas.


In the course of this career development over the years, Dr. Brauner has completed a training as a Taiji and Qigong teacher according to the Yang-style tradition, including training in classical Chinese medicine. Part of this is the B-diploma of the German Medical Association for Acupuncture and also the Stems and Branches Acupuncture by Joan Duveen.


In 2009, together with his Taiji teacher, Master Frieder Anders, he published the book "Taiji, Atmenergetik und Biomechanik". Articles on naturopathic therapy of allergies, sleep disorders and bronchial diseases have also appeared in the journal "Der Naturarzt".


Being a qualified professional is a permanent learning process! Learning from personal teachers, in addition to theoretical education is as important for one’s own development as a healing professional. I believe that the names of important personal teachers, including those from the non-medical field should therefore be a reference for one’s personal training path.


Internal Medicine / Pneumology

Prof. Roland Keller, Aarau, Switzerland; Prof. Christian Virchow sen., Davos-Wolfgang, Switzerland; Prof. Lutz Block, Vienna;


Naturopathic / Homeopathy

Dr. Gustav Nolte, Freiburg i.Br .; Dr. Martin Stübler, Augsburg; Dr. Mathias Dorsci, Vienna; Dr. Hartmut Vogel, Bad Boll; Dr. Rolf Croon, Bad Homburg;


Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine

Prof. Johannes Bischko, Vienna; Dr. Jochen Gleditsch, Munich; Dr. Georg Kampik, Munich; Dr. Daniel Harter, Mosbach; Dr. Jürgen Bachmann, Hattenheim; Dr. Nashmil and Dr. Antonius Pollmann, Hamburg; Dr. J. Lee, Frankfurt a. Dr. Reinhold Voll, Plochingen; Dr. Yair Maimon, Israel; Joan Duveen, Holland; Tae Hunn Lee, England; Lilian Bridges, USA; Claude Diolosa, Italy;


Philosophy / Spirituality

Acarya Adveshananda Avadhuta, India (Yoga); Enomiya Lasalle, Japan; (Zazen); Prof. Friedrich Weinreb, Zurich, Switzerland, (Kabbalah); Prof. Helmut Gollwitzer, Berlin (Protestant Theology); Prof. Milenko Vlajkov, Stuttgart, (Individual Meditation); Mantak Chia, Thailand (Tao Yoga);


Taiji / Qigong

Meister Frieder Anders, Frankfurt a. Master Wu Xongwan, Sweden; Ulla Blum, Berlin; Friedel Kremer, Wuppertal;